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Our partners are sales and business experts who desire world-class tools to help their clients grow revenue.

OMG has a portfolio of world-class, sales specific
assessment tools that make our resellers
look great to their clients.

Over 75,000 assessments per year

Based on average candidate assessments and evaluations completed per year, 2013-2022

The original sales assessment company

OMG pioneered the Sales Assessment Industry to provide insights to maximize sales performance in companies of all sizes and from all industries. The top sales development experts in the world work with OMG because all of our findings are sales specific, not adapted for sales.

Why evaluate your sales team?

OMG evaluations can tell you whether your people can actually execute your company’s strategies. You’ll learn which of your existing salespeople could be performing 2x, 3x or even 4x better. You’ll discover what you must do in order to help those people achieve their potential.

No more hiring mistakes!

OMG’s accuracy is legendary, and is highly predictive at recommending candidates who will rise to the top half of the sales team within 12 months, as well as identifying candidates who are highly unlikely to perform to expectations in a specific sales role.

We assess more than just the sales team

The Business Development Assessments that we created for professional services firms help law, accounting, engineering, and architectural firms better understand how they can develop more of a sales culture with their existing professionals.

Research Hub

For organizations looking to excel in sales, sales management, and growth, OMG’s powerful sales-based data analytics offer keen insights and awareness that offer unparalleled expertise. Gain unprecedented wisdom to help you become a stronger sales leader. Benefit from real world sales-specific data based on over 2 million sales assessments. Use our wealth of information to learn, grow, and advance.

Harness the power of OMG’s knowledge to bring your organization to the next level – one data point at a time.

Want To Make Your Salespeople More Coachable? First Gain Their Trust.

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Want To Make Your Salespeople More Coachable? First Gain Their Trust.

Want To Make Your Salespeople More Coachable? First Gain Their Trust.

02, Mar 2023

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OMG can help grow your business and reputation while having access to world-class sales force evaluation tools.

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