Bring the power of OMG’s Sales Candidate Assessment into Workable’s Applicant Tracking System. Assess your sales candidates faster with a single click inside Workable. Your candidates will receive an email asking them to complete a questionnaire, after which the assessment results are immediately available right within Workable.

To get started, you’ll need your API Key from your OMG Certified Partner or by contacting the OMG support team (800-221-6337 or

Then, head to the Integrations page in Workable, enable the “OMG Sales Assessment” integration, and enter your API Key.

Finally, you’ll need to edit your Job, go to Assessments,

Once your integration is configured and tied to a Stage in your Job, you’ll see a button that allows you to send an assessment to the candidate.

When you click this button, OMG sends the candidate an email with a unique link to complete an online questionnaire.

After the candidate completes the questionnaire, the assessment results are automatically available inside Workable.