The Data Behind Sales Managers of Elite Teams

When: Monday, July 10, 2023 at 3:00 EDT


We have studied more than two million sales reps over 30 years and are making our initial insights available to a select set of Sales Consultants and Coaches.

Join us to learn about:

  • What do sales leaders need to put in place for sales managers to be successful?
  • How often should sales managers coach their reps? Is it possible to have too much coaching?
  • What do managers of top performing sales teams do differently?
  • What manager skills matter most for building an elite sales team?


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Ben Tagoe​

CEO, Objective Management Group
- Ben Tagoe is the CEO of Objective Management Group the pioneer and industry leader in sales team evaluations and sales candidate assessments. Prior to acquiring OMG, Ben held senior strategy, digital product management, and business development roles at VantageScore Solutions, JPMorgan Chase, OnDeck Capital, and Goldman Sachs.

Dave Kurlan

Founder & Senior Advisor, Objective Management Group
Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Sales Thought Leader
- Dave Kurlan's Understanding the Sales Force Blog earned awards for the Top Sales & Marketing Blog for eleven consecutive years and of the more than 2,000 articles Dave has published, many of the articles have also earned awards.

Paul Gearan

Senior Consultant & Project Lead, Rexer Analytics
- Paul Gearan has 30 years of experience in analytic consulting, predictive modeling, forecasting, text mining, and survey development. His analytics/models have been utilized for a breadth of industries including financial services, health care, higher education, business consulting, technology, and entertainment. His clients have included some of the largest corporations in the United States.

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