Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA)

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Objective Management Group’s SALES EFFECTIVENESS AND IMPROVEMENT ANALYSIS (SEIA) is the only tool that provides an in depth look at the people, systems, and strategies of a sales organization. It sheds light on potential problems with:

  • Your hiring criteria

  • The effectiveness of your sales management efforts

  • Whether your management team is on the same page

  • Whether your sales team can sell consultatively

  • Factors impacting the ramp-up time of new sales people

  • Business being lost because of underperforming salespeople

THE SEIA will help answer

  • Do we have the right people in the right roles?

  • How effective are our sales managers are at recruiting, coaching, motivating, and holding their reports accountable?

  • How can we improve our pipeline and forecasting accuracy?

  • Do our sales processes support a high-performance sales organization?