You’ll answer about thirty questions to help us create a profile of your ideal sales candidate. We’ll add your criteria to our own validated criteria for a successful salesperson in the experience range you specify. We have criteria for five different ranges of experience so the more challenging the role, the more difficult it will be to meet the criteria for hiring.


After we review your criteria, you’ll receive an email with your unique Access Code and instructions for assessing your sales candidates. You should send your candidates to the specified address early in the process (following receipt of the resume) to avoid wasting time with candidates that aren’t recommended for your position. Our statistics show that clients who assess immediately following the receipt of a resume have a pool of recommended candidates 50% larger than those clients who wait until just before the first interview. The clients who assess early are also EEOC compliant and save much more time because they can automate the early stages of the process.


Your candidate takes the assessment, answering approximately one hundred questions in all. If you are using Express Reference, your candidate will also provide the names and email addresses of up to 3 references.


After your candidate finishes the assessment, the results are emailed to you, usually within 5 minutes. If the candidate is recommended and you hire that individual, you can “upgrade” the screening to a full evaluation, a document that is appropriate for your new salesperson to read.