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Most salespeople need help overcoming the head and stomach problems that skills training won't solve. Many sales trainers ignore this part of development because they don't know how to help people overcome these weaknesses. Those in the know wish they could bottle and ship the solutions because they are so time consuming. In the spirit of "if we could only bottle and ship it", SalesMind helps salespeople overcome the following obstacles:

Your SalesMind Double CD package comes with CD's for both the computer (self hypnosis) as well as Audio CD (affirmations).

SalesMind requires no training. Just place it in your CD drive and select a session. It runs automatically.

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  • I must share the results of SalesMind! As a sales training and self-improvement junky, and a long-term recovering alcoholic, I have tried hundreds of live and recorded programs and books. In the position I had prior to starting my own business, I had a "personal growth budget" of $20,000 per year to spend on growing my skills and performance. I had that budget for 8 years and went to everything. What I was seeking was a way to turn off the seemingly endless self-talk messages that were so destructive that they greatly limited my performance. (I was in the top 1% of a sales force of 3000.) After two weeks of sales mind, the self-talk has become positive and the performance is going up toward my true potential! I can't thank you enough!

  • "I love the Salesmind CD. I have built into my daily behaviors listening to one segment each morning before I start my day. Lately I've been listening to "Increase Your Money Tolerance" and I've noticed a distinct improvement in my confidence to ask for and get bigger dollars. My focus in the past was on what I lacked. Listening to the Salesmind CD reminds my goal achieving sub conscious mind that abundance is possible and deserved. I feel that I am doing all the right things consciously because I have incorporated some sub conscious training into my mix."

    Merit Gest, Vice President, Keystone Business Development, Chicago

  • "Just a note to thank you for the Salesmind product. I personally have used it and have noticed immediate results but the most startling results were achieved by Kathy. Within thirty days of her beginning to use the product, she had a major breakthrough and overcame a barrier which had previously seemed insurmountable. Her initial success was followed by another and then another in quick succession. She has now established a new level of performance 125% above her previous level. To be sure her own efforts were the primary reason for her success. But, I believe the mindset conditioning she received from Salesmind was a major factor in her achieving this success."

    Dan Caramanico, President, Caramanico, Maguire Associates, Conshohocken, PA.

  • "I can't wait for another "hit" of the Salesmind CD, where I focused on "money issues", included closing in 1 week sales that were 87% of last year's total sales. The "flow of value...they give me money to get my value" suggestions were critical to my new success."

    Bob Knowles, President, Technology Recycling, Denver CO


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