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Video Clips of Dave Kurlan

Latest Changes to OMG's Sales Candidate Assessment

The following video clips are from a live appearance at Bentley University

The Death of Selling Are You an Underdog

Why Companies Are So Inconsistent at Hiring Salespeople

The Hidden Danger in Referral Groups and Networking Groups

How to Make Incentive Programs Work

How the Right Sales Process Can Neutralize Customer 2.0

What Happens When the Pipeline is Empty

Role of Sales Management in Significantly Growing Sales

Why You Should Evaluate Your Sales Force

The Sales Pipeline How to Make it Predictive

Best Practices for Sales Recruiting Process and Tools

Rules for Being a Contributor

Dave Kurlan and OMG are featured in this March 28, 2007 segment of World Business Review, hosted by General Norman Schwarzkopf

These clips were recorded in Houston Texas

Role Models

Over Achievers



The Pipeline

Short Window of Opportunity