You are about to view a sample SEIA, the most insightful, accurate and comprehensive reports available regarding your sales force. This page explains what you are about to read in the samples. You may wish to print this page for reference.

Among the unique information shared in the SEIA:

We expect our analysis to answer four critical questions:

  • Why aren’t we more effective?
  • How much more effective can we be?
  • What will it take to accomplish that?
  • How long will it take to accomplish that?

Here’s some of what else you can learn from an evaluation:

  • How Does Sales Leadership Impact Our Sales Force?
  • What Are Our Current Sales Capabilities?
  • How Motivated Are Our Salespeople and How Are They Motivated?
  • Why Aren’t We Generating More New Business?
  • Are We Reaching the Actual Decision Makers?
  • Why Isn’t Our Sales Cycle Shorter?
  • Are We Selling Consultatively?
  • Are We Selling on Price and Who Can Become a Value Seller?
  • Is Our Value Proposition Consistent?
  • Can We Close More Sales?
  • Do Our Systems and Processes Support a High Performance Sales Organization?
  • Are We Being Consistent with Our Sales Process?
  • How Well Are Our Sales Leadership Strategies Aligned?
  • Do We Need to Change Our Selection Criteria?
  • Is Our Ramp-Up of New Salespeople Fast Enough?
  • Can We Improve Our Pipeline and Forecasting Accuracy?
  • Can We Improve Our Sales Culture?
  • Who Can Become More Effective in Their Roles?
  • What Are the Short-term Priorities for Accelerated Growth?
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