We invented and pioneered the sales assessment space. Before OMG, evaluating a sales force was never done before. Our accuracy is legendary yet we are never content with our world-class, industry-leading sales force evaluations. Our sales force evaluations go so wide and deep that we can answer any question that you can imagine, which explains why your sales force performs – past, present or future – the way it does. Our sales candidate assessments are so predictive that the statistics are nearly unbelievable. Check this out:

  • When clients hire candidates who we don’t recommend (silly clients), 75% of those salespeople fail inside of six months.
  • When clients hire candidates who we do recommend (smart clients), 92% of those salespeople rise to the top half of their sales force within the first 12 months.

How do we do it? Our assessments are not based on somebody else’s personality or behavioral styles instrument and they aren’t modified to make them appear sales specific. We built ours from the ground up – purposely for sales – and we continue to expand, evolve and refine it today – 25 years later. It’s a work in progress and that’s one of the reasons that it’s so good. We are always working to make it even better. It wasn’t designed using antiquated test publishing guidelines, and it wasn’t intended for use in schools or the military. OMG’s assessments were designed by a very successful sales expert, who was also a great sales diagnostician and researcher. Our Founder and CEO, Dave Kurlan, is renowned for his ground-breaking work in the area of evaluating salespeople and sales organizations and has written several books and white papers on the subject.