Objective Management Group has identified nine leadership styles that are necessary for Leadership Teams to function effectively and efficiently. While it is important for an organization to have all of these leadership styles represented on their Leadership Teams, it is not realistic for an individual Leader to be all, or even many of these styles. Most leaders stand out in only one or two of these styles.

The Leader who can see into the future, imagine what the company will be, do and offer, and clearly articulate that vision.

This Leader has the ability to formulate and create plans to achieve the company’s vision and goals to launch products, enter markets, acquire companies and assets.

The innovator has the ability to take existing concepts and products and make them better, find new ways to use them, raise the bar and expand the capabilities of products, services and companies.

The developer has the ability to develop people, their competencies, skills, capabilities and contributions.

The motivator is the Leader who is able to encourage people to be a part of something bigger than themselves, become better, more effective and achieve the desired results.

The executer is the Leader who makes sure that everyone does what they are expected to do and more.

Risk Taker
Risk Takers are able to see past the challenges and potential pitfalls and want to get started, take action, make things happen and go for the win.

Negotiators are not only useful with customers, vendors and investors, but they can also help to resolve conflicts among the Leaders on the leadership team.

Problem Solver
Inevitably, there will be problems, things won’t go as planned, and problem solvers are the Leaders who have the ability to quickly analyze, understand and solve those problems.