Reliable and Steady
This Quality measures the consistency of your interactions including, worrying, becoming emotionally involved, reactions to setbacks, how well you adapt, how quickly you bounce back from challenges, and your ability to remain calm.

Business Integrity
This Quality measures the principles that influence your decisions, how strictly you adhere to the principles of right and wrong and how focused you are on always doing the right thing.

Passion for the Business
This Quality measures the degree of excitement you have for the company, the work you do, your projects, and your business achievements.

Open to New Ideas
This quality measures your openness to new ideas, opinions and experiences as well as your ability to recognize and experiment with possibilities, embrace change and push for improvements.

Is Accountable
This Quality measures the degree to which you are self-disciplined, take responsibility for your actions and your consistency in doing what you agreed to do after you agreed to do it.

Holds Others Accountable
This Quality measures the degree to which you are demanding, constructively critical, goal oriented, focused, and get others to do what they are supposed to do.

Board Room Presence
This Quality measures your level of confidence, presence, experience, assertiveness, and self consciousness in business meetings.

This Quality measures the degree to which you are realistic, practical, solution oriented and able to simplify concepts.

Strong Work Intensity
This Quality measures the standards you set for yourself and others as they relate to how hard and how long you work.

Makes Difficult Business Decisions
This Quality measures how quickly and effectively you think through issues, challenges and problems, your decision making style and your tolerance for risk.

Persuasion – This Quality measures how you engage others in conversation, your effectiveness influencing others, your listening and questioning skills, your willingness to challenge people and ideas, speak up, push for change and get groups of people to adopt your ideas.

Strong Business Relationships
This Quality measures your interest in people, the value you place on your relationships, your trust in others, their trust in you, how genuine those relationships are, as well as the range of relationships.

Able to Survive Business Crises
This Quality measures your resilience in the face of adversity, ability to focus on the present, remain calm and act appropriately in high pressure situations.

Team Player
This Quality measures your preference for involving, working with, calling attention to and helping other people as part of a group or team.

This Quality measures the degree to which you generate new ideas, how quickly you think and your imagination.

This Quality measures your sense of self-assuredness, courage and how bold, fearless and confident you are in business settings.

In Search of Excellence
This Quality measures your need for achievement, excellence, and perfection in yourself and others.