Profile of an OMG Partner

Background: OMG Partners come from successful careers in sales, sales management, training, Human Resources and consulting.

Business Model: Successful Partners have long-term relationships with their clients who view them as business advisors, partners and resources, not vendors.

Company Model: While some OMG Partners are sole practitioners, most successful Partners employ a staff consisting of management, salespeople, administrators and consultants.

Geography and Language: OMG Partners are currently located in more than 45 countries around the world. We still have limited availability in the US and Canada in cities like, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland OR, Little Rock, New Orleans, Orlando, Jacksonville, Savannah, Baltimore, DC, Detroit, New Hampshire, Maine, Springfield MA, Syracuse, Houston, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Tulsa, and Mobile AL. Our assessment is currently available in English, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Korean, Greek and French.

Qualifications: A qualified partner would have existing clients, the time to learn how to integrate, sell and deliver our products, attend a 3-4 day certification, have podium experience, and other complimentary, but not competitive offerings.

Revenue: Revenue varies from one Partner to the next based on their target market, the size of their staff, their business model and how well they integrate OMG’s suite of tools into their offering.

Market: OMG Partners call on businesses of all sizes and types, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, information and services; Business to Business and Business to Consumer; Small companies and huge companies. The sweet spot tends to be a company generating between $20 Million USD and $80 Million USD with a sales force that typically numbers between 6 and 12 salespeople with a sales manager. Some Partners call exclusively on the Fortune 2000 while others concentrate on small and medium size businesses.

Integration: Successful OMG Partners integrate OMG’s services in order to lead with OMG. While OMG often represents a small percentage of a partner’s overall revenue, OMG is usually the core, the starting point, around which the Partner’s core solutions are delivered.

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