Nothing is more frustrating than losing out to your competitors – especially when you had a better solution, when you were this close, when you thought you were going to get this business, and when it was forecast. Why did you lose it?

In most companies and for most salespeople, losing business unexpectedly comes down to one or more of several factors which include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Salespeople had happy ears
  • Too many assumptions
  • Questions weren’t tough enough
  • Salespeople did not differentiate the company effectively
  • Compelling reasons to buy were never identified and addressed
  • Poor qualification
  • Poor relationship
  • Lousy job of putting the value proposition into prospect’s context
  • Premature proposing, quoting and presenting
  • Lack of questions about the competition and/or incumbent
  • Selling at the wrong level or to the wrong people
  • Ineffective differentiation
  • Salespeople presented features and benefits instead of asking questions
  • They were outsold

We can help you identify why you are losing business to the competition and tell you what can be done to fix it.

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