Problem: I don’t want to use a test that hasn’t been validated.
Solution: Sales Candidate Screen (“Express Screens”) have been fully validated. Latest Predictive Validity.

Problem: I don’t want any EEOC problems.
Solution: Objective Management Group’s Sales Candidate Assessment® is fully compliant with EEOC guidelines.
No Adverse Impact Study. Legal Opinion. Technical Manual.

Problem: Sales managers don’t like it when I use tests on salespeople because they don’t think the tests correlate well to sales.
Solution: Most tests don’t correlate well to sales but Express Screens were developed by Dave Kurlan, internationally renowned sales development expert, using field and time-tested criteria for sales success. Sales managers will embrace your use of this test.

Problem: I’m afraid that the test won’t be very accurate.
Solution: The Express Screen is extremely accurate in both its findings and its predictions. It accurately predicts whether the candidate:

  • Meets your criteria
  • Will execute your strategy
  • Is compatible with your requirements for the position
  • Will succeed in a sales position at your company
  • Is trainable (will overcome limitations and adopt your company’s philosophies)
  • Is recommended for hire

Problem: We already use a test. I don’t want to be redundant.
Solution: Most tests are not sales specific and test for different indicators than the Express Screen. The Express Screen will help you select those who will succeed in a sales position at your company with more accuracy than any other test. In many cases, you can continue to use personality tests and behavioral styles tests in conjunction with Express Screens for the non-sales information they provide. White Paper.

Problem: I don’t really understand sales or salespeople that well, so it’s more difficult for me to choose people who will succeed in sales than in other positions within our company.
Solution: OMG’s Express Screen was designed with Human Resource Professionals in mind. Common terms are used to inform you about a subject that is often a mystery.

Problem: I don’t have the time to learn either a new or different pre-employment test.
Solution: No interpretation skills needed. The Express Screen tells you exactly what you need to know in the context of how an individual will perform with your company.

Problem: Good candidates are difficult to find. When we get one, we want to act quickly, so we can’t wait for test results to come in.
Solution: Express Screens provide results just minutes after your candidate submits the answers on-line. It’s fast.

Problem: Administering tests is such a nightmare. Forms, faxing to the candidate, faxing to the testing company. It’s awful.
Solution: With Express Screens, there aren’t any forms. Just provide your candidate with the web site address and your company’s access code and there’s nothing else for you to do!

Problem: Most tests require the use of software. That means installation problems, bugs and glitches, and then I have to enter the scores. I don’t have time for all that nonsense.
Solution: With Express Screenings, there isn’t any software so there isn’t any nonsense.

Problem: Some tests are helpful, but because of the logistics, the results are often unavailable to us prior to the interview.
Solution: With Express Screens, you test after the candidate has submitted their resume via email. This actually increases your pool of hirable candidates and weeds out the non-hirable candidates. You not only have the results for the interview, but you have powerful, insightful interviewing tips designed for the interview of this specific candidate.

In addition, Objective Management Group’s Sales Candidate Assessment® uses a unique sliding scale that modifies the criteria for hiring based on the projected income for the position. As the projected income goes up, the criteria for hiring become more difficult.