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History of Objective Management Group

History: Objective Management Group, Inc. is the pioneer and industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate screening. Spearheaded by leading sales industry expert, Dave Kurlan, Objective Management Group, Inc. can help you measure sales effectiveness, execution and potential.

Outcomes: Our comprehensive sales force evaluation of people, systems and strategy answers many questions, such as Jim Collins’ “Do you have the right people in the right seats?” And Larry Bossidy’s “What will it take for this sales force to execute the plan?” Most importantly, you’ll learn whether your sales force, as an entity today, is capable of executing your strategies.

Recruiting: Our Sales Candidate Assessments are the most accurate predictor of sales success at your specific company. We help our clients develop custom criteria for sales success in your business and integrate it to our time-tested criteria for success in sales. Then, with our unique sliding scale, we set the hiring criteria to a level appropriate for the demands of the position. Finally, you’ll have the ability to track all of your candidates online where you can sort, filter and identify trends according to the findings.

International: OMG partners with approximately 150 certified sales development experts in North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia and our assessments can be taken in nearly 20 native languages. No company or sales force is too large or small to get the help OMG is renowned for providing to companies across the globe.

Warning: There are many new, unproven assessments that claim to be sales assessments, “the best,” or other superlatives. We pioneered this industry in 1989 and have continued to enhance and improve our offerings. Don’t settle for claims. Look at the history. Read the validations. Understand what their assessments predict. Determine whether the customization actually impacts your business. We have assessed over 1,500,000 salespeople and evaluated more than 25,000 sales forces, in 200 industries and over 100 countries, since 1990. Our accuracy is legendary. Our insights are unique.

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