Warning: There are many new, unproven assessments that claim to be sales assessments, “the best,” or other superlatives. We pioneered this industry in 1989 and have continued to enhance and improve our offerings. Don’t settle for claims. Look at the history. Read the validations. Understand what their assessments predict. Determine whether the customization actually impacts your business. We have assessed over 1,500,000 salespeople and evaluated more than 25,000 sales forces, in 200 industries and over 100 countries, since 1990. Our accuracy is legendary. Our insights are unique.

Video Testimonials from OMG Clients

Billy J. Bond, Jr.Leavitt Group

Bob RuffoloImpact Branding

Chad BurmeisterConnect and Sell

Dave MillerToyota

Graham EastwickDexion

Darrell BallLaminex

Audio Testimonials from OMG Clients

Steve SchneiderReg. Director – Acordia

Whitey KollmeierPresident, Commercial Insurance – National City Insurance Group

Bruce Westcott – VP Worldwide SalesHypertronics, Inc.

John HennesseyNational Sales Mgr. – Progressive Gourmet, Inc.

Nick MawrenkoPresident – Paytech

Chris Collias President – Progressive Gourmet, Inc.

Bob ClericiVP Sales – Inergex, Inc.

Mr. Lyndon Discombe General Manager – Prince Hotel & Residence – Malaysia

Jenny Hoskins – HR Director – EHL Insurance

Written Testimonials from users of OMG's products

“I have got to tell you how wonderful the assessment has been. It has saved me hours of interviewing time. On paper (resumes) they look great and then they either don’t take the assessment, start but don’t finish the assessment or flat out don’t pass the assessment. The cream rises to the top and I get to focus on real potential candidates.” Dave Jacobsen, Sales Manager United Home Experts


“…the real ‘heavy-hitters’, the people who make things happen in the sales space, like Jeffrey Gitomer, Neil Rackham, Linda Richardson…Guy Kawasaki, Gerhard Gschwandtner, and Dave Kurlan…really get what we are trying to do and are incredibly supportive.” Jonathan Farrington, CEO TopSalesWorld.com


“We had used Caliper, Omnia and others over the years, but this is by-far dead-on in this individual’s profile. It is not a personality profile; but instead drills down on the individual’s ability to sell, is he trainable, can he be coached, etc…”


“I scheduled a phone interview with…the candidate and myself…I witnessed the process first-hand…and this candidate responded almost identical in his answers without ever knowing questions were indirectly related…”


“Our phone interview lasted about 45 minutes and it is quickly apparent this individual would not be a good fit for us and would not be the “hunter” that we were looking for in a producer.”


“Just a quick email to let you know how well the OMG Express Screens product is working for us. I received over 50 resumes and the tool has done an outstanding job of delivering only qualified, skilled, and most importantly, targeted candidates for our sales position. I have been able to focus on those selected candidates that the survey tool deemed hirable based on the specific criteria that were used in setting up the assessment. It has saved me countless hours of time weeding through candidates and has delivered excellent data and direction for conducting detailed interviews with those candidates. I am a believer in the content and quality that has been provided. As employers we need an edge in our process for selecting and hiring employees, and the OMG Express Screen has proven to be that edge.” Hoyt Strain, VP Marketing and Member Services, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry


“The recruitment process starts, rather than ends, with the Express Screen pre-hire assessment and progression in the process is dependant on meeting the initial criteria from this assessment. It works and it’s now proven. We discovered salespeople from outside the industry that are often stronger sales people than those from within. Provided they have the necessary sales skills, we are able to train them and provide the product and industry knowledge they need. In fact, some of our best sales people have come from outside the industry and been recruited using this process…we trust in the process and it’s been a complete success. You can’t underestimate the enormous amount of time this process actually saves the organization. We now only interview people who have the traits we are looking for instead of finding out in an interview that they don’t have them, or even worse, employing unsuitable staff. Originally we might interview ten people. Now we might interview just two or three and we might take them all on. It’s dynamite. The recruitment process has assisted us in attracting the right people; this has provided greater stability in our sales team.” Dave Fletcher, General Manager Operations, Toyota Material Handling Equipment, Australia


“I have been utilizing OMG’s” online information for a number of months now as I strive to improve customer service at my work site. Rocky has provided many good insights and reminders on how to approach making customer service a top priority for our staff.” Cathy Nelson, Oswego Health


“I must confess I wasn’t a big fan of online assessment tools… The beauty of this system over others is that the answers are against criteria set down by management, it is very specific to your industry and business…The system itself was as good or better than anything I had seen and was widely used…The support offered from the vendor was first rate. The approach was one of interest in getting a result for our sales people, not just handing over a report and taking the money…There is no question that once we tailored a training program around the deficiencies in the individuals we witnessed improvements, in a lot of cases significant improvements. My real aim was to have my worst team member not too much worse than my best, the old strong as your weakest link theory…so you are embarking on quite a process but one that pays ultimate dividends… Lastly, I adopted the online recruiting tool after we had the reports done on the existing team…Our ability to ‘weed out’ the fakes with this tool saved us so much time in getting the initial [interviews] wrong it was invaluable. We actually did a detailed study on the cost getting a sales person wrong and it was around $4.5M in lost revenue…The system works so long as management accept the answers as they are put forward and have a plan to do something with the information. It’s a bit like getting diagnosed with some ailment by the doctor and then choosing to ignore the advice if you don’t do something with the information from the reports.” Graham Eastwick, Director, Key Accounts, Dexion


“Presenting our people with objective feedback on their competencies, strengths and weaknesses has been the most successful and significant step toward having them accept that they needed to change.” State Sales Manager – The Laminex Group


“I met yesterday with several executives at Ceridian, who is using a 100-person license [to assess sales candidates]. They reported that their turnover has gone from 22% in 2005 to 4% in 2006 thanks to your Express Screen.” Jake AtwoodPresident, Ovation Sales Group


“We have to date assessed 3 different ‘legal teams’ and will do a fourth in March. I was skeptical [as to whether] the profile was suited to the attorney but I can assure you we hit the mark! The firm has only 2 Rainmakers – which your profile identified right on – and the remaining team members have been individually coached with the profile with great effectiveness. The firm’s senior partners have put together a team of the strongest ‘business development’ talent to pursue national corporate business as a result of the profile. Two attorneys have been assigned different (as a result of the findings of individual evaluations) positions within the firm. Thanks for giving us the tools that separate us from the ‘slugs’ out there promising what they can’t deliver. I would recommend highly the Professional Service Firm evaluation to law firms.” Michael Strickland, President, The Michael Strickland Group


“Just a note to let you know I have again reaffirmed your evaluation process. Because of [name withheld] quitting, I decided to interview [name withheld] who took the evaluation. That evaluation NAILED it. The interview was only beneficial in that it allowed me to refine my interviewing skills and to again rediscover that your stuff does work. My suggestion to [OMG]–they should have statements like– ‘not only could this candidate not sell [expletive] on a troop train, he wouldn’t be able to find the train in the first place.'” Ken Sands, President, Four Seasons Crop Care


“I’m writing to you regarding a client…that had originally used traditional job descriptions on Monster.com and got a poor response. In April, they had 534 people view the job, 30 applied and 7 took [your assessment]. Of that 7, [none were recommended]. Once we corrected the job description with your input, things changed dramatically and they have now hired 3 candidates that they really believe are going to be superstars. With their [newest] License, they are hiring a Sales Manager and potentially more sales people in the year. They recently posted the Sales Manager position and received a response rate of 70 people viewing the position, 30 people applying and taking the [assessment]. Of that 30, 15 [were recommended]. They were extremely pleased with the 15 people [who] they feel confident that they are going to ultimately hire a valuable Sales Manager for the team.” Nancy Lorenzano, Ph.D., The Lorenzano Group


“We have used your screening process on a number of candidates and positions. We have been very impressed and found that it saved us tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and costly mistakes. We would highly recommend that any company trying to fill a career type position utilize this service. The expense was made up in the first 2 weeks of employment.” Matthew Hyde, Owner, The Elevator Company


“I have been using the OMG screening process for over five years in two separate companies. I have hired seven candidates using the process that have all been successful as commission sales people. I recently purchased the unlimited screening license and have already hired two new sales people. Over 65 candidates completed the screening and only four came back as hirable. I hired the top two. The best part for my company was not becoming enamored with the candidates before they were hired. The program has my highest recommendation.” Jay Clem, National Sales Manager, First United Door Technologies


“Our sales team needed to hear it from someone else, and we needed the reinforcement of an external, deeper assessment…a major factor for me was OMG was never afraid to tell me what I needed to hear. They’re extra knowledgeable about sales and sales psychology and we ultimately got more than we were ever promised. The evaluation has made a huge difference; every person who did it has markedly improved. Our people enjoyed and embraced the process, it wasn’t just a management exercise. Salespeople are excellent performers in interview situations but OMG’s Express Screen cuts through any performance and you get the real answer. Express Screens can save you days of interviews as you can cut straight to the shortlist and interview only those people that will actually offer a good fit for the job.” Lee Hawsley, Sales and Marketing Director, FortyTwo International


“Instead of spending hours or days pouring over resumes, we used your unique approach for recruiting salespeople. We had three excellent candidates in three days and didn’t have to read a single resume. We had our man within a week!” John E. Lucey, President, New England Engine & Parts Warehouse


“I wanted to thank you very much for your help and insight into our hiring process for our IT sales position… I used the Corporate Recruiting System CD and did phone interviews with a point system. That system really helped me clarify what I was looking for in a sales professional, as well as, [gave] me objective parameters by which to judge. The system also enabled me to be in charge of the call and use my time wisely and efficiently. We are about to use your [Express Screen] in making our decision, that is the sales test. We have some great finalists and the decision will be tough, but I feel like we have a great procedure for selecting top candidates. You will see for yourself! Thank you again, for all of your guidance.” Stephanie Watkins, Neogenuity, Inc.


“Objective Management Group’s Sales Candidate Assessment® enabled me to understand where my team needed the most help in the development of their selling skills. OMG’s Express Screens also provided me with a tool for determining whether or not I had the right people. My hiring efficiency has improved dramatically.” Mike Connors, VP Sales. Boston Retail Systems


“I really like using the test. I’ve found the results of all the testing we’ve done so far to be quite valid. It makes my hiring process much better. And your process for advertising and interviewing is great! This is truly the single most important area of my job – hiring the right salespeople. And I’m getting better results than ever before.” Brad Mathews, Director of Sales & Marketing, Dexter & Chaney


“I am amazed at how it works, and picks up the weaknesses, which during interviewing ring true. We tested 4 and interviewed 4 people and the test results are right on. Have 2 candidates for the capital equipment sales position and 1 for the account management position.” Cory Mathews, VP Operations, TSL America


“There was a push to hire 5 new salespeople. I’ve been doing recruiting and training a long time so I’ve tried it all. We have a big ticket, intangible, over the phone sales job and it’s very expensive for us to fill the positions. I had 8 weeks to design the position, find the candidates, hire and train them, and put them in the field. I developed the profile using your Client Profile tool and used the Express Screens to test applicants from all over the country. There were 2 that I would have hired previously, but the test warned me about problems I wouldn’t have been aware of. I hired 5 people who were recommended by your test and nearly a year later, they are all still here and performing quite well. I would definitely use your Express Screens again.” Tom Sinyard, SunAmerica Securities


“I hired a rep that your test did not recommend. Your test was accurate. My decision to hire (name withheld) was not a good one. I will start interviewing again and be using your test…” Tim Green, Fox Scientific


“I’ve used other sales development techniques in the past, but none of them worked well because they all tried to change things in people without bothering to find out what, specifically, each individual needed to do to improve, or if they even belong in sales to begin with.” Neil Schroeder, District Manager, Sherwin Williams


“These evaluations are powerful stuff and not everybody’s ready for it. But the people who use them, like we have, can really become successful.” Don Zebe, Sales Director, Baan USA


“There was some initial doubt (about using OMG products), but in less than two years, we’ve easily doubled our sales . . . our people are really getting it, and the investment is really paying off.” Ernie Ketcham, President, Galvmet, Inc.


“More of our people are making more of their numbers more often, and I’m growing now at at least twice the rate we were before… the bottom line is, we’ve got a much better handle on our operation.”


“All I can say is WOW! It is absolutely amazing. Express Screens are a very useful and wonderful business tool that any president or CEO involved in the hiring process would not want to go without. It also makes the process move more quickly – you know what you’re in store for before the candidate walks through the door.” Deborah Penta, President, PENTA Communications, Inc.


“…I interviewed her with the additional questions that the screening recommended to ask. It was almost incredible that she answered questions exactly like the screening said she would! It really adds some new light to interviewing!” GM, Minolta Printer Products


“Prior to working with your organization I had awful experience trying to recruit a professional who could talk finances with prospective customers and sell. Sure, I found people who were good at one or the other, but not both, so they were ineffective selling. Then everything changed when I adopted your systematic approaches to recruiting and developing people. Now I have a team of eight people who are constantly bringing in profitable, new business!” Charles Landquist, Newport Financial