Following my appointment as General Manager of Marina Mandarin Singapore, one of the first and arguably important tasks, was to gain as accurate a picture as possible of our revenue capabilities within the Sales & Marketing Department, and in particular the effectiveness of the Sales Force.

Based on previous experience any such ‘audit’ of the sales & marketing function was limited by the tools available, subjectivity could only go so far and figures do not always tell you what you need to know. Something more substantial on which to make informed decisions was needed.

You introduced me to the suite of Sales Force Development products created by The Objective Management Group. The synopsis demonstrated that these tools would provide a considerable level of data that would enable me to get a clear picture, make decisions and take action.

The feedback form the Sales Force Evaluation was indeed comprehensive. I can say no stone was left unturned. The Evaluation did everything you said it would do and as a result the top line outcomes meant we were able to allocate the right people to the right sales role, this meant moving people around, we tightened up on the Sales Pipeline to make it more effective, implemented a sale development programme for the sales people and a series of Coaching sessions for the DOSM and ADOS all based on the Training Needs identified by the evaluation.

Having raised the expectation bar with the existing team, we made use of the sister recruitment tool, “Express Screen” to ensure we were now recruiting the right people and this we achieved by not repeating the hiring mistakes of the past. In spite of the harsh economic environment I have been delighted with the sales force’s performance and we can now point with confidence to where we made informed changes that brought about the excellent results we achieved.

In conclusion it is an objective, focused, effective and productive project which is now part of the ongoing sales development process. You have been very supportive and were always there when needed. I can thoroughly recommend this suite of tools and will be happy to clarify further if required,

Yours faithfully,

Richards L Dusome
General Manager

Marina Mandarin