AEG Power Solutions has been using the Sales Force Evaluation and Express Screen (Recruitment) Tools for approx 18 months.

In May 2008, AEG Power Solutions, formerly Saft Power Systems, embarked on an ambitious “Go to Market” project which meant re-tooling the Sales Teams. In effect this involved upgrading what was predominantly a multi-cultural global team of sales engineers to take a more proactive and focused sales approach. The aim, to discover who could make the transition and to what extent they would need help in developing the required sales skills.

We had already received feedback from a consultant who was helping us with the overall project as to the most suitable roles for the sales engineers.

On hearing of the Sales Force Evaluation product in July 2008 we ran a pilot with the sales team in Singapore. The findings from that encouraged us to roll out the Evaluation to the global sales team of approx 110 sales engineers. The Evaluation became an integral part of the ‘Go To Market’ project. Having completed the Evaluation and being able to see strengths, weaknesses, the traits to guide us for the right sales role, growth potential for each person etc, we were able to target and focus a sales development programme globally for both the sales leaders and sales engineers having clearly identified who could make the transition, into which role and who would stay in an application engineer role.

Running in parallel the recruitment of new sales leaders and sales personnel was directed through the Express Screen product and enabled us to more accurately hire the right people.

You have guided us through this project and dealt with many aspects including getting the sales teams to recognise that you need to see and hear issues that might have been conveniently overlooked or simply ignored.

This overall project, ongoing, with good results showing through has required a substantial investment. Along with a forecasted ROI, the objectivity of both the Sales Evaluation and Recruitment products played a critical role in giving us a range and depth of information we would neither have been aware of nor able to access through more traditional subjective processes.

Yours faithfully,
John Taylor
VP – Global Sales